Ashley & Lena - May 14, 2017.

Our experience with A & A mattress was exceptional from start to finish. After visiting a handful of mattress stores, especially many advertising “huge” sales in the month of May, we were very happy to have found A & A mattress. The excellent service, lack of aggressive sales tactic (or in some cases absence of anyone giving you any attention) and price was amazing compared to the big box stores. The selection, clean store and knowledgeable sales staff was amazing compared to the smaller mattresses stores. There are a number of mattresses to try out in the store to see which is comfortable and the best fit. Some mattress warehouses don't have any to try out (or they are very dirty or covered in plastic which defeats the purpose)....and I wouldn't buy a mattress without trying it out first regardless of what the salesperson had to say about it.

Albert, the owner and sales person, is very knowledgeable, honest and good hearted. We bought a double mattress for our daughter with 10 year warranty, box spring, frame, and hypoallergenic mattress protector during a sales promotion for less than or equal to some similar mattresses alone at other stores. Delivery and set-up was included and was completed the same day by Mike who was also very helpful, called us before he was arriving, took his shoes off and was careful carrying everything up to our second floor himself (although I offered to assist). I was not surprised to learn that they are BBB accredited with an A+ rating.

BlueJay Jimmy - April 29, 2017.

I went in there yesterday looking for a new king mattress for our bed. Albert was friendly from the moment we entered the store. Very clean store by the way. From helping us to find the perfect mattress on the king bed set and mattress protector. They will always have our future business. I now know the reason why they have been in business 11 years. cheers mate albert

Garry - Feb 14, 2017.

The quality of products and the service level at A&A Mattress is superior (second to none). I am very happy with the mattress I purchases at A&A Mattress. There was no pressure selling which is refreshing in this industry. The product and price was so competitive that is was an easy choice to make. The mattress was delivered within hours after I made the purchase. This is unheard of. I highly recommend you go to A&A Mattress. You will be another happy cusyomer!

Walter - Dec 26, 2016.

I purchased a bedframe. a 6 wheel heavy duty one, and i just could not understand how to build it. spent anhour on it. I then called the store and Albert, the owner was at my home that same day, set ut up for me, and hooked up my existing headboard and I am just amazed by how the customer service was, and I am an elderly near Aylmer, Ontario. I told all my church members of his great service, most of them already know him.  to highly recomend this store is an understatement.

Surjit - July 2, 2016.

Fantastic store to get bed from, I will be back for sure when I ready. Thanks 

Stefan- Dec 1st, 2016.

Small buisiness whose owner really cares about people and assuring that they get the highest quality sleep. I was recommended a mid-priced memory foam mattress by the owner after I had explained my specifications - which is super respectable as it wasn't about the profit margin. I went in at 4:30pm and had a mattress delivered to my bed frame by 7:30pm the same day. Fantastic service!! I will be proudly telling my friends and family

Lisa - Nov 30, 2016.

My mom recommended this place to me. Now I know why!! By far excellent service, zero pushy sales, was given privacy to discuss things between my fiancé and I, he even dropped the price of everything!! We live in St. Thomas and we got FREE DELIVERY and ZERO TAXES and SAME DAY delivery and set up! 10year warranty inc! We got a FULL SET, box spring, frame, hypoallergenic mattress protector, and mattress for less than the same mattress sold alone at any other warehouse store!! Highly recommend this place.

Phil - Sept 16, 2015.

Been to many stores to buy bed, this one the best. good deal here

Tyrone - Aug19, 2016.

ya, Just go there when you need a great sleep without breaking da bank.

Robert - July 5, 2016.

In my opinion, the owner Albert is the most kind, personable and knowledgeable person in the London mattress world. He epitomizes the expression; "My word is my bond". With his approach to customer service.... he does not need for me to wish him good luck. He is simply remarkable. Albert is definitely in the right business. I recommend that you at least visit him prior to purchasing elsewhere. You'll see the difference immediately!

Tom H - July 2, 2016.

Alberta was very helpful and professional. He answered all our questions and didn't pressure us into a sale. We bought mattress's for all our bedrooms and have recommended our friends to A&A mattress. Highly recommended. Thanks again Albert.

Andy P - Jan 24, 2016.

Albert is a great person and his business ethics are superb. I baught a double bed from this store and got a great deal. it was nice that they set up my bed frame before it was delivered to my home. highly recomended to be a customer

Armando - June 3, 2015.

i love this store

Stephen - Apr 11, 2015.
I recently purchased 3 beds from Albert and I have nothing but praise for the customer service and pricing he offered.  I am very satisfied with the ease of purchase and delivery which was right on schedule.  I would not consider buying another bed set anywhere else.

John - Mar 15, 2015.
Great customer service.

Rejane - Sept 26, 2014.
Albert gave me an excellent service with the mattresses for my daughter in London and he called around to have the mattresses delivered as soon as possible before my return to Toronto. I highly recommend the store.

Aishwarya - Aug 30, 2014.
I very impressed with the service and most definitely will be back. Thank so very much.

Z.B. - July 5, 2014.
Good selection, best prices, thank you guys. Thanks for the deal.

D - May 1, 2014.
I was in this store sometime early last month and received wonderful service, I especially enjoyed it when I was able to have it delivered the same day. My wife and I love our king mattress set. This is a great store, I will tell all my friends. :)

John - Apr 19, 2014.
Finding a Good, Quality Mattress at a reasonable price is everyone's dream. Bonnel coil, tempered coil, pocket coil, continuous coil, 1", 2", 3" pillow top, attached or not are all questions that will leave you confused and somewhat frustrated! Everyone seems to be selling mattresses, yet I found the place where all my questions were answered and I could actually lay on the different mattress of quality and price to feel how it sleeps. Albert at A+A Mattress on Wharncliffe Rd South in London is where I bought 8 Mattresses leaving with peace of mind and quality guaranteed. Delivery to Port Burwell was fast as well. Thanks Albert

Murray - Mar 15, 2014.
I had the best shopping experience there. The salesman Albert was one of the most knowledgeable, kind, and professional service people that I have encountered. He seemed to genuinely care about helping me to find the best mattress suitable for me. He asked questions, listened intently, even though he had other customers that he was attending to at the time. I am a teacher myself and you rank among the top salesman and should teach a class in customer service and human interaction. My mattress was even delivered later that day. I will definitely recommend your store to my friends.

Aaron - Feb 22, 2014.
I went there today to get a double mattress and king set, they had by far the best price in London.They treated me like family. Great store to deal with and i will be back to buy more. I found out why they are A+ rated with the BBB. I will tell all the staff at my work.

GMH - Nov 26, 2013.
Excellent price, service and everything!

Krista - Jan 22, 2013.
So very impressed with the services! I called Monday after 6pm, I was informed the store was closed at 6pm however they would stay open to accommodate me . I came right in purchased a bunk bed double on bottom/single on top , matching drawers all in expresso colour and a double mattress. The taxes were taken off and I got Free delivery immediately to my place within 25min!!!! We set up the bunk beds and they r beautiful!!! Thank you so much A&A Mattress & home furnishings

J & D - Jan 20, 2013.
After researching several businesses, visiting a handful, I came back to the computer to do Better Business Bureau searches on a few local Mattress Companies. We were so relieved to find the information on the BBB site. This company was not known to us, but came up on the BBB site. We then came to this web site and read the testimonials. IMPRESSED. We decided to go find the store on Wharncliffe Rd., just to browse and compare their products to others we had seen. We were greeted by the owner 'Albert' who explained how the store was set up and he invited us to try out the beds and let him know if we had questions. He asked if we minded that he go back to his work setting up a bed. No pressure. The beds are all set up in order of price point from lowest to highest, so it was very customer friendly. We were thrilled to find numerous bamboo covered sets, which is what we wanted. We tried them all and found 3 sets we felt very comfortable. Because there was so little difference in price between the 3, and the prices were all much lower than what we would have had to pay elsewhere, we went for the most expensive set. When we were leaving the store, we were pleased to see two other couples wander in. This man deserves the business he gets. Our new set was delivered to our bedroom 2 hours later FREE. The two delivery men were professional, friendly and careful. They even moved the old set to another room for us. They earned their tip. Thanks to all for a great experience!!! We will recommend you to others!

Brian - Jan 19, 2012.
Excellent Store to buy a new mattress, I was doing my research and this place was full of great reviews online, so I made it my first stop. I encountered Albert, and tried some mattresses. Than I checked all the others stores and ended up right back where I started. Price wise they were by far the best, and I commend Albert for providing me so much knoweldge I knew what I was shopping for, what I wanted, which was a pocket coil. I got the mattress I wanted, at a price I wanted and the service was great! Quick Sale, Quick Delivery, and a better nights sleep .... PRICELESS

EpromData - Dec 9, 2011.
I purchased an already cheap mattress set which came with the structure and mattress and they still reduced it by $300, wow talk about making the customer feel good. I don't know how they do it but being cheap doesn't always mean cheap quality. I can always sleep at night and plan to get some pillows too.

Tina - Nov 17, 2011.
Buy your next mattress here! We can't say enough positive things about our experience in purchasing from A & A Mattress. They are fantastic - no pressure sales people who really know the product. Our amazing mattress was delivered the same day. We were blown away of the selection of mattresses and the delivery was on time. We are thrilled! I have shopped in other stores and this store by far is the best.

1999 - May 27, 2011.
Helpful Staff and Amazing Prices, I really like these guys. I recently purchased a Double Mattress Set from them and I had it Delivered the same day. I was recommended by my father to got there, but ya I went to every store thinking I could find a better deal, but A & A Mattress had the best deal. WR moving delivered it to me and they even took my old bed away, Great service, I love my bed.

Amy - Mar 7, 2011.
A&A Mattres has Low Prices, Great products, Great customer service and I would highly recommend them.

David - Apr 14, 2011.
I recently just purchased a couple new single mattresses for my grandchildren, I got a great deal on them. I mean for under $220 which is all I wanted to spend for both, I got exactly what I needed. The sales guy was great with me. Great experience and would definitely purchase more when the time comes!

Anthony - Apr 5, 2011.
I just bought a bedroom set and mattress. i just wanted to say i got a good deal and i would recommend this store at everyone, good deals and good people too.

Mike - Jan 20, 2011.
Wonderful store, Albert is very kind and easy going! My partner and I were looking for a new queen bed and first went to another store, where we were offered a decent deal. Thinking we could get something less expensive still we went to A&A Mattress and were quite surprised with the selection and price. The bed is great and we also ended up buying a futon here as well after being so thrilled with the service. Thanks Albert, we will see you again.

Mike - Jan 4, 2011.
I looked around London in boxing week, for 2 bunk bed mattresses and I found that A and A mattress had a really nice selection, and they had them in stock and I it took them home the same day. I picked them up for a really good deal, the price was very reasonable. I just wish I bought my bunk bed from them, they had the same one for way less than where I got it from. I would recommend this store to anyone.

Renee - Jan 4, 2011.
My partner and I have been shopping for a bed for our spare bedroom. We typically shop at another store for their "free delivery" and have been quite happy with their service. We shopped there yesterday and found a box spring and mattress set for $550 dollars which we didn't mind spending on a full size set. The unfortunate thing was it was going to take 2-4 weeks to be delivered. I had suggested that we check out A&A Mattress on Wharncliffe Rd, as I had passed by it many times, so we checked it out today. We were pleasantly surprised by the selection and the prices. The bed that we wanted was a lot less, made in Canada and could be delivered the same day! It ended up costing us $100 less then what we first shopped for at another store. The company that delivered was also amazing! I keep their card to help with future moving! I am very pleased with the level of customer service that we received. I know it should be the norm, but it isn't very common these days. I will recommend this company to all of my friends and relatives.

Ashley - Jan 24, 2009.
Very good store. I told all my friends about them. I was treated with respect, and they didn't push me to buy the furniture, he said "If you need any assistance, please feel free to call me" wow, they gave me some private space to see what I needed, i like that. no pressure store, and when I was ready to purchase, he treated me like family. My husband told all of his co-workers about Albert and his store, I would recommend this store to anyone who needs quality mattresses, or furniture. and the delivery guys were very careful, they treated my new furniture with care, and they were nice too.

Bruce - Jan 24, 2009.
Great store, I went to many stores in London, This one had the best prices, no gimicks My wife and I love our mattress, it's a lady americana mattress, it is very comfortable. my back stopped hurting me, and the owner said that that company is recomended by the north american ciropractors federation, and he said it was made here in Ontario, I like supporting the local economy. Fantastic store! and very good prices. they were better prices than all the stores i went to. and if Albert reads this, Thank you Albert.

Adam - 8 Oct, 2008.
Wonderful store This is one of the best stores in London Ontario, Nice people, Low prices.. Such a amazing store, Go check it out and you will be in heaven.. everything you need is at that store.. Love it!

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