Mattress Protectors

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These covers are a new line of hospital-quality, 100% waterproof, allergen barrier mattress covers, which have been carefully designed for maximum consumer health protection.

After much detailed research, development, testing, and comparison to other similar products on the market, we can now offer a series of comfortable and durable mattress covers. These are manufactured with a superior grade of cotton terrycloth which is thermo bonded to a breath-cool polyurethane backing. The result is a product that provides a healthy and comfortable sleep environment while eliminating the faults found in other inferior bedding covers. The polyurethane laminate cover material is warranted for 10 years against defects in workmanship and materials. The Rest-Guard products are also hot water, machine washer & low heat dryer safe.

Our protectors are comfortably breathable, the cotton terrycloth covering is designed to pull normal perspiration moisture away from your body. This reduces or eliminates the hot, sticky feeling that comes from using other mattress covers brands. Also, they are quiet, and won’t make the annoying crinkling or scraping sounds with every movement. As well as being dust mite proof, these protectors are also 100% Waterproof. This feature helps protect & warranty a mattress from any soiling and liquid spills that might occur through regular use.

Our mattress protectors are a registered health product, and it is also a healthy product. The materials have been chosen with care to ensure they are hypoallergenic, and free of harmful substances like cadmium and raw latex.

We use only top quality cotton, blended with polyester to make the covers permanent press, extend their life and make them more comfortable to sleep on. We have tested and compared our product to all the other top name brands on the market today, and they surpassed all others in durability, ease of cleaning and comfort of use. Also, protectors would make a great gift to Family & Friends!

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Mattress Protectors by Rest-Guard

All our Mattress Protectors are hot water, machine washable & tumble dryer safe.